Casting call for adoption short film

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For our upcoming short film about adoption, we are seeking English-speaking actors/actresses to fill the character roles.

The story follows Dennis, a father who lost his daughter to illness a year ago, and his wife who left him because of his struggle with the aftermath of the loss. To fill the void in his heart, Dennis decides to adopt an orphan named Fana as a way to replace his deceased daughter. Eventually Dennis realizes that his deceased daughter is irrepensible and embraces Fanas unique lifestyle. This moving journey brings him to a profound understanding and acceptance.
Dennis Oldman (Lead, Age 30-50) - An optimistic and inspiring father who faces intense emotional challanges. This causes him express a range of hopeful and despondent emotions.

Fana (Lead, Age 5-12) - A compliant and inquisitive girl, fascinated by her surroundings as she adapts to her new life.

Lyla Oldman (Supporting, Age 30-50) - A forthright and assertive wife who strives to make the best of her situation.

Jaden Brooks (Supporting, Age 25-40) - A cheerful and compassionate aftercare worker who has the ability to seamlessly switch communication styles between children and parents.

Cindy Thompson (Supporting, Age 40-60) - A logical and sincere female counselor that analyzes and handles cases with resolve.

Sophia Oldman (Supporting, Age 60-80) - A heartwarming and gentle grandmother offering emotional support and counsel.

Doctor (Supporting, Age 30-60) - A sympathetic and understanding man capable of delivering difficult news in a professional manner.
Draaidagen: The shooting days are scheduled between April 12 and April 26, with locations across various places in the Netherlands.

Travel expenses will be covered, and catering will be provided for all characters. some roles come with an additional compensation.

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