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We are a group of AMFI-students, who during our film project focus on the creation of 'You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover'.

This three minute fashion film isn't your typical love story. In this film, the 20-year-old Julien falls in love with the 70-year-old Winifred. The protagonists couldn't be further apart in age but closer together in style.

Get ready for fashion extravaganza, quirky characters and locations, a heartwarming oldie soundtrack, and an unexpected transformation.

Is there a meaning? Yes!

Especially in fashion, we tend to put people in boxes, thinking we know who they are based on the way they dress. We are commenting on this superficiality in a humoristic way.

We are a group of 8 young talented people, mostly Dutch.

And are looking for 60-70 year old man & woman, who are willing to participate as stand-ins during the bingo date night of Winifred & Julien.

Since we are students we have a low budget, therefore we can negotiate about small things we can offer or covering travel costs.

Shooting day: 13/01/22


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