Women witches who like to be hanged - videoshoot

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Hello! Im looking for adventurous women who like to be hanged in a small personal videoshoot. I mean the old fashioned way with a a noose and all. The idea might seem dramatic, but it is all done in a humorous atmosphere and your feet stay on the floor at all times.
It is quite unconventional indeed, and I wondered if this would be the appropriate platform for this, one might associate this with Bsdm and such. I have been told by some models that it has a similar connotation to it as shibari.

Still, there is no nudity involved in this shoot, sensual dresses or a night gown would be perfect to set the tone and mood.

Ive done this kind of shoots many times before, and I can show you examples of the idea. Usually, I meet a model before shooting for making acquaintance. Meeting and talking can be just for information, no strings attached to an eventual shoot (ok, pun was intended).

If you do not like what you read here, please dont report it. Just continue to look for productions that are more up your alley. I see lousy ads all the time ;)
Im looking for female models who have a sense for drama, adventure and humor. Its highly likely that youve never done a shoot like this before, so you wont need experience in the field, lets say.
The shoot will take 1-2 hours. Healthy curiosity is a virtue.
Draaidagen: One shooting day, 1-2 hours. Lets see how our agendas meet.

Of course this is a paid job, because i find that time and energy has to be compensated. i offer 150 euros for 1-2 hours of shooting.

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