Female us talent needed for ugc ads

We are a production studio, creating user-generated ads for social media (, , tiktok), which can circulate up to 2 years (usually 6 months). We are always looking for new faces for our ads. We work with a variety of brands: Wise, Amazon, Dominos Pizza, Preply, Monday, Dr. Smile, 8 sheep etc. Once we get to know you, we are looking forward to working with you regularly!
We are looking for 3 types of female talents, both of which need to be a US native speaker:

1. Mature, 50+ women
2. Moms with kids (1,5 - 5 years old)
3. Pregnant ladies with a visible bump

this particular ad is for the brand 8 sheep: 8sheep/, a supplement and wellness brand. However, if we like your submission, we will propose you to multiple clients!
Draaidagen: Shooting takes place in our Amsterdam West studio and takes 2 hours max.

We offer 200 euros compensation for 2 hours of work, but as we work together the fee may increase!

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